Most of us are tired of getting scam calls; because the number we give online for any registration process is later used in the different advertisements. But not to worry anymore as we are here to provide you with the best solution using a fake US phone number generator.

If you are antisocial and don’t want any interaction on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, make sure to give them your cell phone number. By doing this, you make a double surety of your security. Moreover, providing a phone number is one of the essential demands of any official web account because no one will contact you without your real number. But to be honest, all of the web creators use your number as spam. But the good thing is you can change it. So instead of providing a real number, you can give a temporary phone number.

The country calling code is the telephone number prefix for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries. Choosing no country code will result to no number appended to the format specified below.
Format of a phone number. The # means randomized numbers will be created. Placing a specific number will make that number in place not randomized. Does not include the country calling code in the format. Ex: (#####) ### #### or 570-###-###
The few numbers (usually 2, 3, or 4 digits) right after the country calling code. Typing a list of area codes will replace first few digits of the format above and will be chosen randomly from the list. Leaving this empty will create random area codes.
Number from 1 - 1000
Generate Phone Numbers

US phone number generator makes you respectable

Nowadays, even making a slight creation asks you for your phone number. They give an excuse that they will recover your data. Even the commercial sites are also following this to steal your phone number and then use it for spamming. However, the only reason they ask for your real phone numbers is to validate your account, but then after that, your number is somehow used for commercial purposes, and you get irritated because of wrong calls and SMS.

But from now no need to worry about any scam calls because we are here to help. A fake US mobile number is the only solution; you can use it for any online account and forget about the fear of getting fake calls or advertising SMS.

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Many things make us think twice before uploading it on the internet, and one of them is our phone number. But what if we use an app for a mobile number generator to create a fake number that we can later use to upload on the sites we didn’t trust to put our real number. As in reality, in many cases having a fake mobile number saves us from various scams or getting irritated.

Our phone number generator app saves you by giving dozens of fake numbers, which you can freely use for any sites that ask for your number as a confirmation. There isn’t any restriction to choose because you can easily have any fake number very easily. These numbers on our website are ethically a free service, so don’t worry about anything because all these numbers are 100% working. Now you can easily get to your desired platform by only entering a fake number.

How does the US phone number generator work?

It is effortless to use the fake US number generator app, as the only thing you have to do is select a specific phone number you want to use and then put it on the desired website you are going to use. As a result, you can now enjoy using that website without giving your number. We assure you that you don’t want to give your phone number using a fake US telephone number is the only safe solution on any website. After providing a random fake number, you can now enjoy using the website without getting any spam SMS or calls because your inbox is just for important notifications.

Remember never to try to make a US phone number on your own because then you will end up being valid, so it is better to use the app and generate a useful number for any online purpose as all the numbers we give are 100% non-working. However, these numbers can only be used for drama purposes like watching movies, dramas, or even use these numbers for only documentation in which to fill survey forms and all but never use these numbers in telephone companies. Using these numbers for the wrong purpose can create a problem for you.

Advantages of using US phone number generator

Overall there are infinite advantages of using fake phone number generator US because this will let you access any website. If you do this then never get any spam calls or advertising SMS. Apart from that, no matter what, a website organizer gives you a 100% guarantee of not using your personal information. But later they use it for any commercial purposes.


The app US phone number generator California gives you access to many fake numbers, which you can use to register on many websites which ask for your real numbers. You can also use this app to generate random zip codes in the USA and use it for different purposes. Doing this will let you free from fake calls and SMS which irritate you. Apart from that, you can also use these apps as address generators for your extra safety.

FAQs about US phone number generator:

You can get a US number for free from our website, US phone number generator. Which gives you phone numbers to use for any online verification purposes.

Never try to create a US phone number on your own because this will make you stuck in a problem. Apart from that, our website always offers those fake business phone numbers that aren’t working. We also provide UK phone numbers.

In 2003, a movie named Bruce Almighty in which Jim Carrey asked for God’s number to talk. A number 776-2323 appears on the character’s pager of the Carrey.

yes, all the US phone numbers are of 10 numbers, in which the first three digits are the area code, which indicates in which part the phone number is located.

Many countries are having 10 digits phone numbers, including the US and Afghanistan.